The main functions of advanced automated testing tools.

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Do you want to switch to automated testing by investing in advanced automated testing tools? A great tool can do a lot to help you witness the benefits that automated testing can bring to your business. This article introduces you to the key features to look for when choosing.

Automated testing tools are needed by today’s organizations, which make the software testing process more efficient and efficient, and increase test coverage. There are many test case solutions that can only be achieved through automated testing. Therefore, it is recommended that your organization invest in advanced automated testing tools such as Qara Test, Tricentis Tosca and Cucumber. However, choosing the right test automation tool is easier said than done, and there are many options on the market to choose from. Although each test automation tool has its own unique function, each tool has some essential basic functions, which are the key to effective test automation.

1] Test across multiple browsers and platforms.

Consider using multiple browsers and platforms, so it is necessary to use ideal test automation tools to support cross-browser and cross-platform testing. Therefore, when the search tool is tight, please choose a web application test and version that supports testing all popular browsers (such as Windows, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and their versions, as well as Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry, etc. The mobile application test version of the platform. Nowadays, you allow users to use multiple devices, and seamless testing across multiple browsers and platforms is essential to ensure that all your users get the same awesome experience on your application.

2] Seamless integration with popular tools.

Nowadays, users expect the convenience of multiple functions on a single platform. Integration is the answer, and advanced test automation tools now provide seamless integration of all popular tools, bringing the benefits of multiple tools into one software. The most popular integration is with JIRA-bug and issue tracking software by Atlas House. Qara Enterprise provides JIRA integration with other advanced automated testing tools in the new era, allowing users to perform functions on JIRA without leaving the test automation platform. You Zhong integrates with SauceLabs, Browser Stack, BrowseEmAll, etc.

3. Automatic report of test case analysis.

It is not enough to only execute test cases. In order to improve the efficiency of the test process, it is necessary to be able to analyze the test performance and obtain data. Automated test case execution reports help to do this, and advanced automated test tools now provide various reports to help QA teams analyze parameters. There are several examples of reports: test summary report, traceability report, test index report, etc. When you are looking for a test automation tool, make sure it provides comprehensive reports to help you maximize the performance of the test process and achieve your test goals.

4. Simultaneously execute test cases.

As the scope of test items expands, it becomes more and more difficult to perform all tests on a single system. It is because it may take a lot of time to execute all the tests one by one, resulting in a delay in the release of the product. The test automation tools of the new era provide grid execution function, which can execute test cases at the same time, thus saving a lot of time for the QA team.

5. Parameterization of test cases.

Parameterization is another feature designed to save the time for the QA team to execute test cases. It is very useful when you need to execute test cases with repeated steps. It saves the time of the QA team, because it doesn’t take time to perform the same test steps again and again. In addition, automation can ensure that errors in the execution of test cases can be ignored. Using this function, the tester can execute the test multiple times without having to repeat the work.

The last sentence.

Choosing the right advanced automated testing tools can do a lot, enabling you to easily achieve your testing goals and build products that meet the highest quality standards. When choosing a test automation tool, you should look for the following functions. However, it should be noted that at the end of the day, each automated testing tool is different, so your choice should be completely defined by your testing needs.