Automation is essential for the following 10 things.


In the real world, deadlines are ruthless. Since the test code is not a product code, automated tasks are given a lower priority and are soaked in the black eyelids of the backlog. Some people may claim that it is good because it is lean or because a new project is about to start.

Automation has a big scope to strengthen software development. Although automation is usually regarded as a luxury, it is not lucky.

In the real world, deadlines are merciless. Since the test code is not product code, automated tasks are given a lower priority and are soaked in the black eyelids of the backlog. Some people may claim that it is good because it is lean or because a new project is about to start.

However, we are here to reverse the situation. Although automation is considered in terms of possibility, automation is the opportunity cost. What happens if one cannot start the test automatically?

There are top 10 things you can wash your hands.

Working hours.

The automatic test will run automatically. Manual tests should be run manually. It just exists. If you only run one test at a time, automation will not maintain the ROI. However, if the test is run repeatedly, automation will protect the tester from copying himself.


Automatic testing can obtain greater coverage by manual testing, especially for regression testing. As product development progresses, the absolute number of test cases increases. For example, Agile is tight, and new tests will be completed in each sprint. It is necessary for the system to run older tests to monitor new functions without blocking existing functions.


Human beings are not perfect, and they develop the habit of making mistakes. Similarly, manual testing is more likely to catch human error, because humans are only carriers. However, the automatic script will go smoothly every time.


Continuous integration (CI) can protect code from defects and prevent the development and testing of all real-time changes to the code. The CI system will automatically trigger the test on. Tests that are not run in CI (similar to manual tests) will effectively die.

delivery time.

Continuous delivery (CD) is a natural extension of continuous integration. At this point, software products can be automatically delivered as the last step in the CI queue (all possible deployments). Well, just like Facebook’s big brands, Gu Qian has such a fast delivery caliber. No automation leads to no CD.

The results are the same as the indicators.

No engineers, not product owners, managers, or Scrum masters, all want to ask questions related to testing. Automated testing can easily generate more comprehensive and accurate results. Automation includes the ability to generate test reports, so engineers do not need to waste time updating wiki pages or drafting emails.


Numbers are not big words, even if they are scripts. Usually, engineers don’t speak big words, but the results of manual tests may include a fabricated factor, or even any type of consistency or error in the report. Wrong results may drive bad business decisions. On the contrary, automatic results can be accurately judged.


Manual testing enters humble repetitive labor: just repeat steps 1-10. Although qualitative testing has been carried out, manual testing will be very effective for the goals of exploratory testing. Although automated testing can include repeated fixed test scenarios, exploratory testing allows testers to explore artistic methods, reveal defects, and determine product performance. The lack of automation relates human capital to human capital.

Peace of mind.

The value of peace of mind was captured during difficult times. Earlier, we needed to develop a simple programming jargon and create a compiler for this. After every 7 days, we are asked to add new language features, such as strings, arithmetic, arrays, etc. In addition, we have written a bunch of small programs to test the syntax update of the new language.


The ultimate motivation for test automation is product quality. Maintaining automation does not essentially mean that the product is of good quality. However, don’t keep automation severely restricting the quality of progress.