2016 home automation and control market: global industry insights, statistics, demand and forecasts.

HOME Automation

The 2016 “Global Home Automation and Control Market Research Report” is a professional, in-depth and complete research report on the latest state of global home automation and control.

The latest industry research report on home automation and control is the automation of home activities. In addition, automation and control systems increase safety through lighting control and other equipment. In addition, the system protects the house through automatic door locks. This system further enhances convenience and increases convenience through temperature adjustment.

Increasing awareness of energy conservation and the ability to manage energy consumption through automation technologies are driving market growth. In addition, smart phone-driven automation solutions have played an important role in the development of home automation systems. In addition, technological progress in countries including the United States and Canada is expected to create more opportunities. Consumer awareness coupled with an affinity for the latest technology will open up new avenues.

The home automation and control market is segmented according to type, technology, application, and geographic location. The types covered by the market research report are customized home automation systems, home automation systems, mainstream home automation systems, and managed home automation systems. The technologies evaluated during the study included wired home automation systems, wireless home automation systems, power line home automation systems, and computing network home automation systems. The applications discussed during the research included lighting, HVAC, entertainment, safety, and security. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America are expected to achieve rapid growth.

The main benefits for stakeholders.

The market research report provides comprehensive information about the main drivers, constraints, and opportunities affecting the industry’s growth during the forecast period.
This research drills further down to generate data volume by component, end customer and population.
SWOT analysis of major brands, highlighting weaknesses, advantages, opportunities and threats. The data proved to be effective for business owners who plan to design marketing and brand strategies.
The regional wise business performance discussed in the market research report is valuable for companies planning to open up new areas.
The report not only examines the market dynamics, but also carefully observes the growth rate and industrial chain structure.
Further study the well-known market participants and their business strategies to maintain their position.
The evaluation of upstream and downstream markets is an important part of the report.
Key segments of the home automation and control market.

Home automation and control market (by type)

  • Home automation system.
  • Mainstream home automation system.
  • Hosting home automation system.


Home automation and control market (by technology)

  • Wired home automation system.
  • Wireless home automation system.
  • Power cord home automation system.
  • Computing network home automation system.

Home automation and control market (by application)


  • illumination.
  • HVAC.
  • entertainment.
  • Safety and security.
  • other people.

Home automation and control market (by geography)

  • North America.
  • Europe.
  • Asia-Pacific.
  • Lamea.

Key player.


  • Schneider Electric Company.
  • Advantage Control, Crestlon Electronics Corporation.
  • iControl Network Corporation.
  • Control 4 companies.
  • Honeywell International Ltd.
  • AMX LLC.
  • Johnson Controls.
  • ADT company.
  • Siemens AG.
  • 2GIG technology.


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